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The Universe is 7,000 years old Today!

The universe was created on April 27 in the year 4977 B.C.

The Universe is 7,000 years old Today!

The Universe is 7,000 years old Today!

by Shari Dovale

Johannes Kepler is acknowledged to be a founder of modern science and is best known for the three laws of planetary motion, now named for him. He is also called the founder of modern optics due to his work on the laws of optics, with expansion into the study of optics to the human eye.

Kepler is recognized as one of the most significant contributing minds of the 17th-century scientific revolution.

Kepler was also devout in his beliefs in God and he believed that the universe was a geometric manifestation of the “mind of God.”  Furthermore, he was the first to derive the birth year of Christ, that is now universally accepted.

The unexpected appearance of a supernova in October 1604 caused Kepler to contribute more practical predictions, including the collapse of Islam and the return of Christ. Additionally, he also explained through mathematics when the universe was actually formed. He even gave it the date of April 27th in the year 4977 B.C. This was accepted science for hundreds of years.

Modern science seems to be adamant that God had no part in the history of the universe, and repeats that the Earth is some 13 Billion years old, based on a fantastical ‘Big Bang Theory.’ This is a theory that has been shared for less than a hundred years, with only conjecture to form it’s basis. Scientists that wish to disprove God are the lead gossips of this misinformation.

These are the same science-gossipers that want to convince you that man evolved from apes and were not made through the Hand of God. The big bang theory is without validity. As much as they try, they cannot disprove God.

As I know the Bible to be true, I believe that the Earth came to be by God’s hand. Based on the writings in the Bible, including the genealogies, the Earth cannot be billions of years old. It is about 6-7,000 years old. Was it formed on the date that Kepler determined? It is quite possible.

The astute will use this day to affirm, or reaffirm, their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and maybe they will even celebrate Universe Day!


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