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Control the Food, Control the People

When marauders see an opportunity to take advantage of adverse conditions, you can bet they will.

Oregon Prepares to Take What It Wants From Citizens

Control the Food, Control the People

In 1979 Hoof Rot was discovered in southwest Washington. The fatal infection of Elk has expanded to Oregon, California, and Idaho.

In 1995 exotic Eurasian lice caused outbreaks of hair loss in black-tail deer in western Washington and Oregon. (WDFW) Washington State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is now reporting cases in the eastern foothills of the Cascade range.

Ovis Candensis (heart and lung disease] in 2009 affected the California Big Horn sheep in the Yakima Canyon. WDFW Feb. 16, 2021, now refers to the disease as pneumonia.

Blue creek fish hatchery lost over 500,000 steelhead smolts in Jan. 2017. WDFW has no reasonable explanation.

(Millions of Farm Animals Culled as US Food Supply Chain Chokes Up) Headline from The Posted Apr. 2020.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in Feb. 2022 disrupted shipments of fertilizer. Russia is the world’s largest exporter of nitrogen fertilizer.

Is it becoming apparent that it’s time to get serious about stocking your pantry?

Easier said than done. The annual inflation rate (according to I: USIR) increased from 3.2% in 2011 to 8.3% in 2022. The inflation rate reported does not include the food and energy sectors.

According to the US Census Bureau, as of 2021, 37.9 million people in the United States (1 out of 10) live in poverty.

The latest report from the Census Bureau in 2019 showed $31,133 as the average income in the United States.

The States Debt Clock( reveals that our national debt is over $31,663,919 trillion, and more revealing is un-funded liabilities that surpass $182,742,500 trillion.

You might have buyer’s remorse by choosing season tickets for the Seahawk’s games instead of stocking your pantry. A good food supply should consist of a minimum of 90 days without depending on outside sources.

The evidence above shows that our wild game supply is already under attack. In the SHTF moment, the most avid hunters and gatherers will have a short window of opportunity for the harvest. Not only will you be contending with legal issues, but you will also compete with amateurs who have never harvested wild game. As chaos abounds on the domestic meat supply due to transportation issues, disease, warehouse fires, etc., vegetables and fruit supplies will also be affected. The possibility of cyberattacks, long-term power outages, and inclement weather are all good reasons to prepare.

Congratulations on your wise decision to provide a life-saving subsistence for you and your family.

Don’t advertise! The majority of people will depend on the government and other resources to bail out their inept selves. When parents become unable to feed their hungry children they will resort to desperate measures for desperate times. When marauders see an opportunity to take advantage of adverse conditions, you can bet they will.

You can live without food for around 30 to 60 days. You can live without water for about three days. You can live without hope for about one hour. Trust in your Lord and Savior, and occupy until he comes.

Bob Bozarth
Chehalis Washington

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