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The Dangers Of Social Media

Nothing on the internet is truly anonymous

The Dangers Of Social Media

The Dangers Of Social Media

by Shari Dovale

When the world thinks of the dangers of Social Media, they will consider what the public health organizations are asserting. Those opinions are not to be discounted, such as:

This article, however, will focus on other dangers from Social Media.

Social media has become a way of life for many people. It is encouraged and even demanded by many companies that you have a smart phone and a way of communicating through messaging apps. An example is that Home Depot offers a military discount on every order, but you must get it through their app and it must be on your phone so you can take it into their store.

But think about this, it is not just a way to communicate, but this makes it required to allow these companies to have the ability to track you. The data mining is now mandatory.

Once you get embedded into a social media platform, you will eventually get comfortable enough to begin sharing things from your life. After all, if you only go by a screen name, and do not identify yourself, what is wrong with sharing info on how many guns you have in a gun rights group?

Actually, there are many people that actually think like that, and do not consider the dangers involved. Remember: Nothing on the internet is truly anonymous!

As you share things on your page for your internet friends to come peek at when they are online, you may not realize how much info you are giving away. Check your pictures for any items in the background. Are your preps visible?

Anyone looking through your social media should not be able to tell how prepared you really are.

If you are members of survivalist message boards, be conscious of talking in too much detail. People like to brag at how well they are doing and prepping. This just lets everyone know where to go if the Schumer were to really hit the fan.

And be sure to use a VPN to hide your actual IP address and location.

Preparedness is not just about having what your family needs to eat at home. It is about their security. This means thinking about what might happen, and that means looters. Looters could be your neighbors, it could mean the Feds, or it could mean your internet buddies.

Practice Operational Security (OpSec) both online and off. Be vigilant.


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