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Baby Formula Shortages and Recall

Currently, there is a recall of powder formulas, including Similac, Alimentum and EleCare manufactured in Sturgis, Mich.

Baby Formula Shortages

 Baby Formula Shortages and Recall

By Family Redoubt Staff

Several news outlets are reporting on a shortage of baby formula. Coupled with a product recall on Formula, it is severe enough to cause rationing by many retailers of this important product.

Baby formula shortage continues: Nearly 30% of popular brands sold out, stores ration sales

Baby formula recall worsens shortage

To learn more about the recall of Baby Formula, initiated on February 17, 2022, please read: 

Abbott Voluntarily Recalls Powder Formulas Manufactured at One Plant

History reminds us that when a mother could not feed her child, a wet nurse would often be hired to keep the child fed. When that was not an option, milk from cows and goats would be given to the infant, also known as “Dry Nursing.” Science spent decades working on alternatives, and finally determined a formula that they felt was an acceptable substitute, and safe for infants.

Baby formula is currently a generally accepted alternative to mother’s milk, but it took time for it to be utilized by many families.  They continued with making their own alternatives, and some still do.

If you are not breastfeeding, and require formula for your child, it might be a good idea to look into what the world used prior to factory-made baby formula, and how to make homemade formula today. reminds us:

This is not something experts recommend. Talk to any pediatrician, and you’ll receive a warning about the dangers of making your own baby formula.

But what do they recommend when there is no factory-made formula available?

*Please keep in mind that we have not tested these recipes, and it is recommended to talk to your pediatrician before changing your baby’s food.

However, if you need further information, here are some places to start.

From WE HAVE KIDS: Homemade Emergency Baby Formula Recipe

Recipes in This Article

  1. Traditional Evaporated Milk Formula
  2. Dairy-Free Formula for Sensitive Stomachs

From Baby Formula

From True Prepper: How to Make Emergency Baby Formula

There are many more articles, recipes and videos on the topic, and it might be incumbent upon parents to begin their research, as the shortages seem to be continuing.

Be Blessed.

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