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Patriot Action Items By John Jacob Schmidt

Conservative Christian patriots are finding themselves without news sources they can trust 

Patriot Action Items By John Jacob Schmidt

Patriot Action Items:
Alternative Email and News Resources
By John Jacob Schmidt

In the wake of increasing censorship by left leaning internet-based services, conservative Christian patriots are finding themselves without news sources they can trust and ways of communicating with each other.

Here, I will cover two components of what I see as part of the solution:

  1. Email alternatives which offer increased privacy, security, and a degree of anonymity.
  2. News resources as alternatives to the corporate mainstream ‘fake news’ media.


EMAIL SERVICES: We have received reports that Yahoo and Outlook email services have blocked user accounts due to Christian/conservative views.

While this isn’t surprising, in fact it is to be expected, there are some great freedom-supporting services.

NOTE: Unseen email.  We were strong proponents and users of secure email, based in Iceland.

They have since closed their service and shut down the last of their servers.  If you see references to unseen email in our Underground documentation or in postings on our AmRRON or Radio Free Redoubt websites, please disregard.

Those references are obsolete.


NEWS RESOURCES: Stop watching or listening to any corporate mainstream news sources.

Avoid Drudge Report — Has since developed into anti-patriot propaganda arm.

Here are some excellent news alternatives:


Aggregate News Sites:


Conservative News Outlets:

*despite the Anarchist symbology, Activist Post actually tends to lean strongly toward libertarianism,

 and not ‘anarchist’.




Strategic and Analysis


John Jacob Schmidt is the Founder and Director of AmRRON and of Radio Free Redoubt.

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