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Dr. Don’s Killer Margaritas

Get several in your stomach and you won’t care about the brain freeze.


Dr. Don’s Killer Margaritas

(The adult Slurpee)

by Don Bradway

4 parts tequila

2 parts triple sec

2 parts amaretto

2 large (soup spoon-size) scoops of Minute Maid frozen limeade, adjust for your own taste buds

Juice from at least one lime


Fill the blender with ice, put limeade on top, pour liquids over the whole mess, and blend until it looks like a Slurpee

Pour into appropriate containers (tumblers, margarita glasses, etc.)

Salt the rim if that’s your pleasure.


Caution! Brain freeze is a distinct possibility, as you’ll find yourself wanting to gulp these goodies.

Get several in your stomach and you won’t care about the brain freeze. Dr. Don’s are very sneaky.

Editor’s Note: <CMA> As with all Alcohol, exercise appropriate caution and adherence to your local laws. </CMA>

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