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Let’s Have Some Fun With Money

How pathetic to have $27 trillion in Federal Reserve Note "obligations" for the U.S.A.


Let’s Have Some Fun With Money

Editorial by Boyd Evan White

This is going to be an extreme stretch of the imagination; however, stick all the way to the end because there is an important point made.

The Coinage Act of 1792 specified a Silver Dollar in two ways:
“Dollars or the same is now current, and to contain three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver.”

Silver is limited but what if we need more money? The quantity of silver can be reduced legally thereby creating more dollars.

Still need more money? Silver is on the Periodic Table of Elements. Peg a dollar at one atom of silver. That is a big claim since silver is throughout the universe.

Still need more money? Why limit ourselves to just silver; peg a dollar to one atom of every Element on the Periodic Table of Elements. Yes, some Elements are unstable and exist for a very brief time; sort of like my paycheck when my girlfriend gets a hold of it.

So there we are; we just monetarized every atom in the universe and did not have to descend to fiat or debt money to get more money. The whole night sky, the stars, the sun, and everything you see around you is money.

But what does really mean? Well, since the Rothschild’s are made up of atoms this means we just monetarized the Rothschildss. Hoot hoot! How now Rothschild’s?

But wait, there is always the chance we need more money. Why, what could we do? Aha, we could issue a Bond. Using paper and ink, made up of atoms which are money, someone could issue a Bond for more atoms than there are in the universe.

And that is the point; “Debt” is a concept that can be larger than there are atoms in the universe.

I know, I know, about now some Astrophysicist is going to step up and say, “Aha, you just monetarized the universe…what about the multi-verse?” Leave it to the Astrophysicist to ruin the fun.

Now turn your minds back to Earth. How pathetic to have $27 trillion in Federal Reserve Note “obligations” for the U.S.A.. Phfft, what is $27 trillion compared with monetarizing every atom in the universe. How much trouble are we going to have with the Federal Reserve Note “obligations” going in to the future?

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