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Health Officials Admit MMR Vaccine Causes Measles

Tests conducted by local health authorities determined that individual one became ill as a consequence of being vaccinated with MMR

Health Officials Admit That MMR Vaccine Causes Measles

Public Health Officials in New Hampshire
Admit That MMR Vaccine Causes Measles

by Ethan Huff

There’s a pretty big chink forming in the armor surrounding the pro-vaccine narrative, as health officials in New Hampshire recently admitted that Merck & Co.’s combination MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella was the true cause of a measles outbreak in the area that rabid pro-vaxxers were quick to blame on the unvaccinated.

When “individual one” from the city of Keene first contracted measles, it was assumed based on mainstream media propaganda that the only possible cause was that this individual wasn’t vaccinated with MMR. But as it turns out, this individual was vaccinated with MMR – and we now know that adverse reactions caused by MMR caused this individual to develop measles.

Tests conducted by local health authorities, who likely weren’t pleased with what they found, determined that individual one became ill as a consequence of being vaccinated with MMR – this eye-opening finding completely shattering the official narrative that MMR is 100 percent safe and effective always.

It’s important to note that, before these test results were released, public health officials in New Hampshire were busy drumming up maximum fear and hysteria about the need for a mass vaccination campaign. But once the truth came out, they quickly went silent, and even went so far as to deny that anything had even happened – in other words, just move along, folks.

Therefore, [the Department of Health and Human Services] is suspending additional public health interventions,” reads a statement issued by DHHS after it was determined that Merck’s MMR vaccine had caused this case of measles. “There is no contagious measles known to be circulating in the community.”

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Pro-vaccine propaganda is nothing but smoke and mirrors – endless lies designed to deceive the gullible

What’s truly incredible about this admission by public health officials in New Hampshire is that it completely destroys one of the foundational tenets used by pro-vaxxers in defense of vaccination: The idea that it’s impossible for vaccines to cause the diseases they supposedly prevent.

This admission also debunks the myth that mandatory vaccination is necessary to create the “herd immunity” necessary to prevent babies too young to be vaccinated from becoming infected. As we can now see, getting vaccinated is actually a threat to these same babies who can’t be vaccinated, as getting vaccinated can cause a person to develop, and thus potentially spread, infectious diseases like measles – as well as cause autism.

Chances are, most Americans will never hear even about this situation in New Hampshire because the revelation that MMR vaccines cause measles directly contradicts the near-and-dear conspiracy theories of the pro-vax crowd. But we will certainly do our best here at Natural News to make the facts known to as many people as possible who will actually listen – and so can you by sharing articles like this to your friends and followers.

After researching vaccines for 45 years, amassing a library of over 2,000 clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, what has passed for ‘science’ is nothing more than lies perpetrated by vaccine/drug manufacturers whose only concern is lining their shareholders pockets with profit,” wrote one commenter at Big League Politics.

IN NO OTHER business do manufacturers get a free pass when injury or death occurs. Our CONgress, who are bought and paid for by the drug companies, are the ones to blame for this crime. They are the ones who passed the law exempting vaccine companies from prosecution. Think about that and let it sink in,” the same commenter added.

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