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The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Threat To America

It will come suddenly, unexpectedly, and will set this nation back into the 19th century.

Electromagnetic Pulse

The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Threat To America

by Pete Ketcham

Most everyone knows that the initials “EMP” stands for Electromagnetic Pulse, which is a destructive force that can be generated by a nuclear explosion at various altitudes of approximately 75 miles to 300 miles above the earths surface. This explosion creates three destructive pulses E1, E2, and E3, which at the higher altitudes could impact the entire United States. The Super-EMP which has now been developed, make these three pulses even more destructive.


The combination of these three “EMP” pulses if detonated over our nation could produce a catastrophic situation that would put us back into the 19th century without any means for survival. Some of the results of an EMP attack on our facilities that are not “hardened” (protected) against such attacks are as follows:

1. It would destroy the operation of Large Power Transformers and power generating stations in the national electric grid, thereby leaving most of the nation without electric power. Without electric power the stores run out of food, the trucks cease to run, the farm tractors cease to operate, homes have no heat/AC, water, sewage, refrigeration,  stove/microwave, and become basically a cold barn to sleep in, the same is true of commercial buildings. Literally all commerce and employment would cease and the population would be reduced to just foraging for food and shelter.

2. Due to the electronic damage, there would be no computers, no cell phones/land lines, no internet, resulting in a complete loss of communications. No transportation except for a few older (no electronics) cars with limited gas availability.

3. Lastly, It has been estimated that 80 to 90% of the people would not survive (especially in the cities) due to starvation, environmental exposure, and complete anarchy as people rob and kill each other for food.  There is a fictional novel “One Second After” you may want to read to get a feel for what it could possibly be like after an EMP attack. This book has been cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read.


With certainty it is known that the US, Russia, and China have developed EMP capabilities, and probably North Korea (NK), and Iran. We know from past and present public statements that NK, and Iran are both highly motivated to destroy the US.

In October 2017 Dr. William Graham, Chairman of the Commission To Access EMP Threat to the US in testimony before the House committee explained how big a threat NK is to the US., See the article.

Also James Woolsey former Director of Central Intelligence, has consistently warned how vulnerable the US is to a EMP attack.

Despite Trump’s assurance that everything is hunky-dory between him and his “little fat buddy“ Kim, I don’t think so because of the NK recent short range missile tests.  

These short range missile trajectories would be sufficient to place a EMP warhead over either US coast from a container ship approaching our shores in a normal manner, having the missile and control center housed and disguised in modified containers.

It is also possible to place and detonate an EMP over the US by satellite, a capability that both NK and Iran may have (as they both have orbiting satellites), but due to the sophistication of using satellites, I believe a ship born attack is more probable.


The title of the article quoting Dr. William Graham’s testimony: “NKS EMP THREAT IS REAL, MISUNDERSTOOD, AND LARGELY IGNORED” is an accurate description of the past attitude of our government concerning EMPs.

Although Trump is taking the EMP threat seriously, and is implementing a plan to harden our electrical infrastructure, we are still very venerable at the present time, and may end up with “too little, too late”.

At this time  the military has been hardening some of their weapon systems, and are now once again operating the underground Cheyenne Mountain Complex which is EMP proof.

This facility in cooperation with our nuclear subs and surface ships would perhaps give the US a retaliatory capability to destroy the nation that executed the EMP attack, but would basically do nothing to relieve the devastation that would be sweeping the nation.

If a EMP attack does occur, which I think is a viable possibility, it will come suddenly, unexpectedly, and will set this nation back into the 19th century without the means and knowledge of how to survive.

The disastrous consequences of this attack will be the tragic result of our government’s negligence to “harden” our electrical and electronic infrastructure against an EMP attack.


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