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Prepping: But Why Do We Prepare?

The government recommends being prepared for natural disaster.

Prepping: But Why Do We Prepare?

Prepping: But Why Do We Prepare?

By Anna May Rainier

Most of us these days have heard of prepping or have heard of preppers. It’s a common perception in society that people who prep are a bit lunatic or perhaps just a little off their rocker. Everyone knows that the government recommends being prepared for natural disaster. Their recommendation is to have 3 days’ worth of food and water for “just in case”. So why, if the government is saying we should take precaution, do people have this perception of preppers?

We have seen the news stories about the man who buried 42 buses, the people who have built underground mansions, and the Y2K preppers. These stories have taken the extreme side of prepping and turned it into a circus. Preppers are generally people who keep quiet about this business anyways, but with the mainstream (and not so mainstream) media making the general population believe that preppers are loons, it has become almost an underground society of people.

The headline of this article is Why Prep, and now that we have gotten through the who and what, lets dig into the why. Prepping just makes sense. I prep for a vast array of reasons. The most basic of reasons to prep is natural disaster. Just about every state has them.

Large scale disasters such as earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, hurricanes, tsunami, and many more can devastate large areas and threaten our livelihood. Small scale disasters such as flooding, mud slides, storms that lead to power outages, massive snow storms and the likes, are things that most of us in the great ‘ol Pacific Northwest have encountered numerous times.

If you really think about it, you probably already are a prepper on a smaller scale. When you know a snow storm is about to roll in what do you do? Move firewood closer to the house? Make sure you have enough food on hand in case you get snowed in? See, that is prepping. Prepping is being prepared for whatever comes your way.

Then we have prepping on a larger scale. This is the fictitious line in the sand that most people draw. But let me ask you this. With the current government shutdown, do you worry how people are going to act when they don’t get their food stamps? Do you worry that the Boarder Patrol are not getting paid and people are calling in sick?

Both could lead to many serious conditions but the one I want to focus on is riots and looting. We have all heard of hangry, so hungry you are angry. Food is a necessity. When people don’t have it, they feel stressed, anxious, angry. People are going to be very mad at the government for cutting off their benefits. They will probably start riots near government buildings and start stealing from stores, or plain out robbing stores to meet their basic needs.

Now let’s say that you have cash or debit/credit, so you aren’t food insecure and you need to pick up some food at the store because you didn’t plan for the week. Do you feel safe driving or walking to the store with riots and robberies occurring around you? Probably not. When you always have food and supplies on hand, there is no need to run to the store when it is unsafe to do so.

There are many other reasons to be prepared, economic crisis, civil war, civil unrest, zombies (yes, I said it), flu or other disease epidemics, bioterrorism, EMP, just to name a few. But being prepared for even the basic reasons should put your mind at ease that you will be able to weather a storm or stay in when necessary.

Anna May Rainer is a patriot, conservative journalist, prepper and registered nurse. She writes for Patriot Angel News and Redoubt News.


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