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Will Avista SKYROCKET Your Electric Rates?

Electricty rates have jumped, in some cases 1000%, in the last decade

Will Avista & Hydro One SKYROCKET Your Electric Rates?

Will Avista SKYROCKET Your Electric Rates?

by Shari Dovale

Dozens of concerned citizens turned out for the presentation of the dangers associated with a merger between Avista Utilities and Hydro One.

Avista and Hydro One would like you to believe this is a done deal, however, there are still several steps to take.

FERC approves Avista-Hydro One deal

Several other federal authorizations will be needed, and the companies said they will be making those filings in the coming months. The deal will also require approval from state regulators in ​Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Alaska.

The presentation was given by geologist David Boleneus, and sponsored by the North West Property Owners Alliance (NWPOA).

Boleneus has obviously been studying this issue intently and came prepared with handouts you can view below. The amount of information is almost too much to absorb in a single sitting.

He has previously told us about Hydro One, who provides electric power in Ontario, Canada, and wants to acquire Avista Corp.

The deal exposes Avista electric customers to nightmarish effects of foreign practices and policies that Avista seems mostly unaware as to the extent of those impacts. 

Boleneus explained what has happened on the Hydro One home turf in Ontario, putting families into poverty over the soaring electricity rates, and how it will happen in America if this merger with Avista is allowed to complete.

Electricty rates have jumped, in some cases 1000%, in the last decade and there are families forced to walk away from their homes as their power bills surpass their mortgage payments. Many families are forced to choose between food and heat.

Will our government allow the same thing to happen to our citizens?



Avista-HydroOne merger-part 1– Idaho PUC (pdf)

Avista-HydroOne merger-part 2– Idaho PUC (pdf)

NWPOA-CdA–Avista-HydroOne PPT SLIDES (pdf)


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