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The Battle Against Christianity by Pete Ketcham

There exist a method of countering, and perhaps defeating the LGBT agenda.

The Battle Against Christianity

The Battle Against Christianity

Editorial by Pete Ketcham

It is well known today that the biblical principles of morality and sin are in direct conflict with the morality level of Hollywood, academia, the news media, Democratic Party, and the LGBT community. There is now a tremendous war being waged by these five entities against the Christian Community, and it is becoming more bold and vicious by the day.

It should be noted that the greatest enemy of Christianity is the LGBT community. I believe they know what the bible says about the sin of homosexuality (LGBT). In fact the first chapter of Romans states that this activity is so depraved that God basically “washes His hands” of those who participate in it and turns them over to their fate. Thus for the LGBT community to have their morality accepted as normal, they must discredit the Bible and the Christians that believe in the bible. As we can see on a daily basis, the LGBT has made tremendous strides in doing just that, by using a twofold strategy of demonization and infiltration.

The LGBT has successfully intimidated the Christian churches. This is demonstrated weekly by the lack of courage by the pastors to speak out against homosexuality. They are in fear of being demonized by the press, and even their own congregation as being hateful and bigoted. They are admonished to show “love and tolerance” to all people regardless of their sexual morality and orientation.

The LGBT has also successfully infiltrated the liberal christian churches ( such as the Episcopal Church etc.) by installing homosexual/lesbian pastors, and honoring same sex marriages.

In cooperation with the LGBT agenda, the news media has been effective in linking Christians to hate speech when they state christian principles, and academia has successfully indoctrinated the students against any principles of the christian faith.  In addition to all this, Hollywood constantly mocks and demeans the christian faith as they promote the LGBT agenda. The LGBT has set up the litmus test:  if you criticize anything about them, you are a hateful bigot, homophobe etc.

I believe all the preceding information is probably well known by most of you, but what is not so well known or realized, is that there exist a method of countering, and perhaps defeating the LGBT agenda. This “method”, has thus far not been employed, and has sat on the side lines  

This method I speak of is a grassroots national coalition of fundamental evangelical churches that would boldly speak out against the perverted agenda of the LGBT. This would require courageous pastors & congregations who are prepared to stand firm. In addition, this nationwide coalition would need to have active cooperative chapters in every town and city where evangelical churches exist. It is a matter of unification, or being “picked off” individually as this demonization of Christianity grows.


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