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It’s Time To Change The Narrative

Let’s train and arm teachers who want to be armed so that psychopaths can’t walk down the hall picking their targets.

It’s Time To Change The Narrative

It’s Time To Change The Narrative

Editorial by Chris Brumbles

I recently read an article about school shootings that made a whole lot of sense. Anti-Gunners seem to foam at the mouth in anticipation of the next tragic school shooting to happen so that they can walk on the graves of dead children. Ideological and political gains seem to be their only concern. They don’t even give the parents and friends of the slain a moment to breath or grieve, and then it stays on the news until the next tragedy. This of course is because they rely on feelings instead of logic as to push their agenda of stealing what is not theirs to take…you’re RIGHTS.

In this article I read, the author makes a good point: public schools are dangerous. How many private schools or charter schools do these shootings happen in? None. Public schools are dangerous to our children and dangerous to our country, as they push UN American propaganda and indoctrination as well as being magnets for psychopaths because of their status as Gun Free zones (Also pushed by those who know what’s better for you). All of these school shootings, bombings, etc., were perpetrated by people attending, who graduated from, or were expelled from public schools. Guess what… there is no gang violence in charter or private schools either.

Maybe it’s time for the would-be tyrants to stop the constant attack on our Unalienable RIGHTS and honestly think about what is fact. I know that fact is a four letter word to the ones who worship at the temple of unlimited Government and control, but maybe it’s time for us to change the narrative. Ten years of constant RIGHTS bashing is getting tired, weak, and has accomplished nothing but to steal Rights from law abiding citizens and to grow the Leviathan of the control freaks.

Maybe it’s time to get rid of public schools and actually start teaching our kids morals and life skills again as well as making them safer. Until then, let’s train and arm teachers who want to be armed so that psychopaths can’t walk down the hall picking their targets. Good luck getting any of this past the entitled, entrenched Unions…then how would they extort more money every year while lowering results?

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
Founder Irregulars 3%


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