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2017 Most Admired People of the Year

Most admired for 2017 was not an easy choice.

2017 Most Admired People of the Year

2017 Most Admired People of the Year

by Shari Dovale

The Main Stream Media has shown their bias extensively this year. They continue their attempts to control the narrative, and the people, through their misinformation.

Gallup published a poll which claimed that the most admired people of the year included Obama and Hillary. They began this charade well before the 2016 elections, and continued it after the inauguration. Realistically, if this were true, there certainly would not be a Republican in the White House.

Reading hundreds of periodicals, watching even more chat boards and groups too numerous to mention, we saw beliefs that mirrored our own.

We decided to challenge their rhetoric with a poll of our own.

Asking for readers input, we received nominations for a multitude of people. Most admired for 2017 was not an easy choice. We narrowed it down to the Top 10.

We would like to congratulate everyone, starting with the top 3: Cliven Bundy, President Trump, and Andrea Parker.

Here are the full results:

  1. Cliven Bundy                     23%
  2. President Donald Trump   18%
  3. Andrea Parker                   16%
  4. Lavoy Finicum                   14%
  5. Sarah Huckabee Sanders   7%
  6. Ambassador Nikki Haley     6%
  7. WA Rep. Matt Shea             6%
  8. Jeanette Finicum                 6%
  9. Dr. Ben Carson                    2%
  10. Gov. Sarah Palin                  2%

Every person on this list is here because they deserve to be. They are all amazing in their accomplishments. Several have grown from grassroots activism. They show what every citizen can accomplish, and should strive for.

As you can see, this is a far cry from the MSM leftist, progressive, biased reporting. This is not a politically partisan list. If it appears so, that is coincidence. It is a list of people that have gone above and beyond to help their fellow man and to come to the aid of their Country.


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