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Gay Rights: Equality Versus Privilege

We are on a very slippery slope not only as a nation but within our own local communities.

Gay Rights: Equality Versus Privilege

Gay Rights: Equality Versus Privilege

by  Jacque Guinan

I went to a “diversity” rally yesterday in my community. I went to see what they talk about – what they do – what handouts they give out – what kind of people go to these sorts of events – and to take some pictures to keep them in line with the truth of numbers of both attendees and protesters.

I listened to our mayor speak, the head of the local human rights task force, a woman representing tribal Indians and a person representing the local gay community.  I scanned the crowd; not a very diverse bunch quite frankly. Nobody from our local black or Latino community, not many young families, nobody to represent the conservative block. For the most part; lots of white, middle to older aged hippy types. Seemed odd considering the advertised reason for the event was to celebrate diversity and take a stand against racism.

Something else I noticed was how sad and lost people looked. These are people I clash with regularly on our local online forums. Seeing them in person; putting faces to names, actually stirred up some compassion in me, for them. Discontented people, leading discontented lives – which I suspect is why they feel such a need to march, protest and hold endless rallies for whatever “cause of the week” is.

As I continue to reflect on this experience, on recent local events, and the state of our nation in general; I have been able to focus on some troubling areas that I have made the decision to step out boldly and speak up about. I will do this in a series of articles because there are several different topics to address. This will not be popular – yet I feel compelled to continue to raise my voice against the things that are literally tearing our nation apart. If Christians don’t take a stand, then we aren’t doing as Jesus instructed us to do. We aren’t here to be “friends” with the world. In fact, Jesus said when we live as we should, the world will hate us, as it hated Him.

One thing deeply troubling, is the gay community – both nationally and on a local level. The movement itself, is destroying the fabric of our nation; which is the family. I need to make it clear; I do not hate or dislike gay people. I do not believe that gay people should be fired from jobs, spit on, beat up, harassed, or thrown out of their apartments as consequences of their lifestyle choice. I do not agree with oppressing or abusing people in ANY way; regardless of race, religion or lifestyle choice. I do believe that all men were created equal in eyes of the Lord and they should be treated with dignity and respect. That was something I heard the gay speaker say yesterday, and I completely agree with him.

That being said; I do take issue with the gay community; both locally and nationally. The gay community;  has taken equal rights and twisted them into special privileges. Why do we have special rallies, special parades, special classes in schools for children, special support groups on school property? What have we come to as a nation where we are literally in fear of speaking out against this?

I have decided I will not be afraid to speak out. Yes, I will be called names by the liberal left and the militant gay community.  I say “militant gay community” because not all gay people are on-board with this brainwashing and forced acceptance. There are many wonderful gay people who are not looking for special treatment, special rights or have  a desire to force others to accept something that violates their own conscience.

 I don’t want a gay float in my 4th of July parade- I am there to celebrate the birthday of our nation – not peoples lifestyle choices.  I don’t want to be forced to celebrate a lifestyle I do not agree with. I do not want my children or grandchildren being forced to learn about sexual things, early in their school years so that the gay/trans agenda can be forced on them as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. This is confusing and harmful to children. It does not foster choice or a healthy emotional state; it does not reduce bullying of others – What it does do is cause children to think about sexual things LONG before they normally would, and it also creates anxiety and confusion in them.  It is brainwashing and we should not be complacent to it – When did gay rights begin to over-shadow the rights of others and why do we, as a society accept it? If we have EQUAL rights; this is not how they look.

The very same people who do not want to be fired from their jobs because of being gay, will celebrate a bakery shop owner losing their business because it violated their own religious convictions to bake a cake for a gay wedding or cheer at a woman being arrested for refusing to violate her deeply held religious beliefs to issue a marriage license to a gay couple. This is unacceptable hypocrisy – BOTH are wrong.  Gay people don’t want the Bible being taught in schools but will rally to force the teaching of the gay agenda in those same schools. Again, that is hypocrisy. A gay persons right to choose their gay lifestyle does not trump a Christian, Jew or Muslim right to choose to live according to their own deeply held beliefs. Neither have the right to indoctrinate the other and force their own beliefs to take precedence; yet we continually give a free pass to the gay community in this area.

The other area I take issue with is marriage. There is no such thing as “gay marriage” – the two CANNOT coexist. Marriage is a God-born covenant between a man, a woman, and God. It cannot be any other way because God instituted marriage and that is how He defined it. The problem entered in when government became involved in marriage – it should not be.  Even the traditional marriage is not an actual marriage when it replaces God with government. A marriage license is not a contract with God; but with government; and we have accepted this as the norm when we should not have.

I understand the gay community desires to be afforded the same legal rights as married couples. I can understand that and being that our government is a secular government, I agree with it. They should have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples have. Rather than push for gay marriage; which is a direct insult and slap in Gods face – government should set up civil unions for people who wish to enter into a government contract and receive special benefits from the government because of it. Unless there is some nefarious agenda; neither side should take issue with this.

We seem to have lost our understanding of the actual definitions of words. Words and labels are thrown around much too flippantly. Discrimination, racism, homophobia, bigotry, equality – All of these words have been hi-jacked and twisted out of character to fit an agenda that some people have, to force others to believe and speak in a certain way. If they refuse; they will face shame, ridicule, persecution, name-calling and in our present times; even job loss and litigation.

We are on a very slippery slope not only as a nation but within our own local communities. WE are the ones being bullied into silence as the offenders make a lot of noise and pretend to be the victims. Reverse discrimination is quickly becoming an acceptable norm and if we continue to remain silent and only complain within our own small circles; we will find ourselves in the position of having lost ALL of our own rights to live as WE choose, run our businesses as WE choose, raise and teach our children as WE choose.

(All rally photos: Jacque Guinan/Redoubt News)

I am choosing to stand up and start speaking out against “special privilege”.   I will not discriminate against the gay community but I will not silently sit by and watch them afforded special rights to discriminate against others either. I will speak out about the gay agenda being pushed and promoted within our schools, I will speak out against special floats and gay pride marches in my town, I will speak out against business owners being bullied, boycotted and prosecuted for simply living by their own personal convictions. They don’t want the Bible forced on them – I do not want their agenda forced on me – We BOTH have equal rights to refuse what we do not want. 

The gay community needs to reel it in a little and evaluate what their real goals and agenda are. Do they truly want equality, as they keep saying – or are they actually trying to achieve special rights, forced acceptance, and privilege to lord over others… Lately, it appears to be, the latter.  


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