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Parents Should Explore School Choice

Rewriting history is now coming to North Idaho.

Parents Should Explore School Choice

Parents Should Explore School Choice

It’s back to school time. Perhaps it’s also time for parents to become more educated, for their children’s sake.

In case you haven’t noticed, the government school has grown way beyond educating. It’s now your child’s caretaker. Student education has become a constant experiment with an ever changing curriculum, which has evolved into the role of parent.

It provides counseling, therapy, medical, breakfasts, and lunches. It participates in providing weekend meals and meals over summer vacation. It has turned into a free babysitter for some and a surrogate parent for others, adding after school activities such as the video game club. Our school district even rents out modular classrooms to daycare providers.

Public schools use testing that parents are not allowed to see. It gives classes without an opt-out option. Certain books are not allowed to leave the school building to be brought home. Some children suffer extreme punishment just because they offended someone, while others are given a pass for violent behavior due to their “culture”.

Across the country the stories show the festering insanity of the system. Teachers tried to provide transgender lessons in Kindergarten. Gender expansive books are readily available for students. A first grader was sent to principal’s office for using a student’s original name.

White Christian students forced to apologize. Remember the 7-year-old who was suspended for the deadly PopTart but the Clock Boy was rewarded? It promotes Islam and censors Christianity: Hajib Day, filed trips to Mosques, but Christmas events are now winter festivals, valedictorians forbidden to mention their faith at graduation, and coaches are not allowed to pray.

Rewriting history is now coming to North Idaho. A Coeur d’Alene school trustee is proposing to remove Confederate monuments and references.

Idaho law regarding vaccination exemptions are being used to bully parents.

The implementation of Common Core and the propagation of feel good awards for everyone, the public school continues to lower the bar and rejoices in the mediocre young adults that it produces. Due to their engineered arrested development, they are pushed into 4 more years of schooling, which the educrats also want to be “free”.

In addition, the system implements a variety of programs from behavioral modification to personality manipulation. Sandpoint Middle School now includes Affectual Education; a psychological curriculum.

If you haven’t noticed, there are a slew of new apartments being built in Sandpoint, with the proposal to rezone another 75 acres. This could bring in a large number of children that will put further strain on our schools. Remember that $55 million levy? No doubt it will be back and it will be pushed with the typical fear and threats. Sandpoint will quickly absorb the resources of the whole district.

Where does that leave Southside, Sagle, Hope, Clark Fork, and Northside? Sandpoint will cry out and they will vote in mass. We saw it in the recent school board races. Conservatives did not care enough to come out and vote; the result is business as usual.

We are at a tipping point. Is it time to bleed the public school by reclaiming our children?

Parents, you have many choices. Our area has many private schools. You can teach your children yourself. There are homeschool co-ops such as Classical Conversations which offers great support for homeschooling families. Sandpoint Homeschoolers is a Facebook support group. In fact homeschooling has grown so popular in our area, in order to bolster the enrollment, our school district decided to woo many families into the public school by offering a “homeschool academy”.

There are virtual schools online. Consider the tuition free public school K12 at They also offer online private schools and independent courses.

It has been shown time after time that these students outperform and are more socially adjusted than their counterparts. There are many opportunities for club and sport activities in the county, so no child is denied recreation and competition.

Looking at the whole picture should be very concerning. Don’t fall for the false narrative that you have to use the government school. Your children are the future.

Kathy Rose


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