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Defining The American Redoubt

The Left-Wing Extremists would have you believe that we head up a super-secret club of anti-government fanatics.

Defining The American Redoubt

Defining The American Redoubt

by Shari Dovale

The American Redoubt consists of several areas which include Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, the proposed State of Liberty (Eastern Washington) and Eastern Oregon.

However, a new label has been coined by the Alt-Left, that of “Redoubter”. They have demonized this term to be something crawling up from the gates of Hell. Anyone that is:

  • Conservative
  • Homesteaders
  • God-Fearing
  • Liberty-Loving
  • Supports the US Constitution

Which part of this list is bad?

Definition of Redoubt : a safe or protected place

The Redoubt is not an organization. It is a place. And what a great place to live and to raise a family! The weather is comfortable, it is not too crowded, and it is not overblown with government regulations.

Folks from all over the country have moved up here for just those reasons, and a few more. They want to live around people that think the way they do.

The name “American Redoubt” was coined by James Wesley, Rawles through his his series of books and his website It took hold several years ago and has grown exponentially since.

And why not? The Alt-Left have their Redoubts, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle, to name but a few. They call them ‘safe spaces’ and push their Socialist agenda. They are happy to share it with their neighbors and they shun anyone that does not conform to their views.

Now that the Ultra-Liberal Socialists have found out about our beautiful piece of Heaven in the American Redoubt, they are furious that they have not gained control and turned us all into brownshirt-wearing Socialists. They need the whole country. They are not happy with just a part of it, they want it all.

Well, we like it just fine here. We can share our Conservative views and not be incarcerated for them. We can garden and preserve the fruits of our labors. We can raise livestock and provide meat for our families. We can go to church and share the word of God without fear.

And anyone that does these things are now being labeled as BAD, as a “Redoubter”.

I have “bad” news for them. There is no organization, no leadership, no weekly meetings or dues-paying members. We are not a political party. We are not a religious cult with our own Bible. All of these myths have been started by the Alt-Left Extremists to vilify Conservatives that do not agree with them.

Some call it a state of mind. Well, I guess that is true as well. For it takes a certain mindset to live up here with other like-minded individuals.

Using Redoubt News as a Distraction

Still, you have the Alt-Left, the Socialist-Progressive-Liberals, that want to distract from their own agenda and demonize anyone not on board with them. They have chosen Redoubt News as the current target, all because of our name.

We chose “Redoubt News” because it involves where we live, this beautiful area that is a slice of Heaven. We report on issues that are important to the folks that live here. It’s as simple as that.

The Left-Wing Extremists would have you believe that we head up a super-secret club of anti-government fanatics.

The term “Redoubter” was coined by the these same Alt-Left Extremists, just to give another label to their opponents. Anyone that would like to jump on board with their agenda – that of Socialism taking over this beautiful mountain area of the country – needs to start using the term and demonizing their neighbors.

Is that really what you want to do?

Do you want to hate your neighbor for being a God-fearing person? Why is that bad? I go to church and speak of my love for God, and the Alt-Left would have you call me an extremist. If that’s what living a Christian life is, then I guess I am guilty. Which one of the Socialist-Progressive-Liberals wants to stand up and deny God?

If someone chooses to homestead their property, they are labeled a “prepper”. Well, I don’t generally use the term, but it is not a bad one. It shows someone who is prepared for unexpected situations. Is that so bad?

We used to live in Florida, and everyone had a “hurricane closet” with several days of supplies loaded there. You will find that the residents of Florida still encourage this. Are they bad people for being prepared for such an emergency?

FEMA tells you to be prepared as well. Does that make the government organization bad, or wrong, and worthy of being shunned?

Do you go to the store every day? Or, do you shop for a few days, a week, or a month at a time? Watch out… you might be labeled a prepper!

The Alt-Left extremists will also have you believe that anyone that supports the Constitution is anti-government. That is the the complete opposite definition, but of course, they do not look at such silly things. It doesn’t fit within their agenda.

Supporting the Constitution is all about supporting the government. But, the Socialist-Progressives would have you believe that the Constitution is out-dated and archaic. They want it replaced. So, therefore, anyone that supports it is… wait for it… BAD!

People that support the Constitution understand that we live in a world that requires the rule of law. Society cannot function without it. No law means anarchy, and we do not support that.

However, we do not think that government needs to be a large as it has gotten. Smaller government was the original intent, and design, of the founders. What is bad about that?

Well, the Socialists want larger government, and more government handouts. They need higher taxes to pay for all of these handouts and new social programs, and smaller government does not fit within their agenda.

We will bring you stories of the Alt-Left and their mission to demonize the good people of the American Redoubt. Take the time to compare this lifestyle to that of the Alt-Left Redoubts, their Socialist strongholds.

Decide for yourself. Where you would rather live?


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