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Prepare and Be Safe During Winter Storms

Prepare and Be Safe During Winter Storms

Prepare and Be Safe During Winter Storms

Due to the amount of snow and drastic temperature changes, the Office of Emergency Management would like you to know what you can do to stay prepared and safe.

Besides having a 72-hour preparedness kit at home and in your vehicle, you should be aware of how varying temperatures can impact your house and your neighbors. For more information on winter storms or what to include in your emergency preparedness kit go to or

Varying temperatures will change the integrity of the snow. Higher temperatures will make it heavier due to the melting and refreezing process. With the amount of snow we have received, at this time everyone should be watching their roofs. Heavy and water logged snow can cave in roofs to houses, businesses, RV’s, etc. Also, with heavy snow ensure you are using proper lifting techniques when shoveling to avoid back injuries.

Cold temperatures can freeze pipes inside the house. If you have pipes on an outside wall ensure to open cupboards to expose heat from inside the house to mitigate this risk. Colder temperatures after warmer temperatures will create ice on road and walkways. Use caution and give yourself plenty of time for travels and commutes. Call 511 to get information on the most recent road conditions.

Adopt a neighbor! If you have any neighbors who are elderly, disable, or could use assistance, please communicate with them and lend a helping hand. Also, ensure your pets are not exposed to prolonged cold temperatures.

Stay informed by listening to your radio or television for detailed emergency information. A warming shelter in Post Falls will open on nights when temperatures reach 30 degrees or below. St. Vincent de Paul Warming Shelter, 202 W. Seventh St., Post Falls, hours of operation is 7p.m. to 7a.m. Transportation is available from Father Bill’s Kitchen, 1317 N. 1st St., Coeur d’Alene.

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