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The Underground Project by John Jacob Schmidt

During the month of July, 2016, we are sending all the proceeds from the sale of the UNDERGROUND PROJECT Thumb Drives and donating them equally to two ministries


The Underground Project

by John Jacob Schmidt


The Underground is a reality for many people around the world. While we prepare for that possibility in America’s future, we can help others in the underground church RIGHT NOW!

During the month of July, 2016, we are sending all the proceeds from the sale of the UNDERGROUND PROJECT Thumb Drives and donating them equally to two ministries:



Voices of the Martyrs- Covert Operation:


Prepare yourself for tomorrow here at home.
Provide for others abroad today.
Help Radio Free Redoubt support persecuted Christians
and the ministries that are reaching them.

UNDERGROUND8 GB thumb drive that contains:

Agents & Informants (5-part audio series and PDF outline)

Description: Informants, Agents, Provocateurs, Infiltrators, Subverters,and Troublemakers and EXPLOITATION AVOIDANCE

Going Underground (7-part audio series) Underground Project documentation. Security for the Underground – Grid Up documentation.

FREE CONTENT: HTM file from Privacy Tools article with a comprehensive list of programs and services for security and anonymity.




Ahhh, that ‘moment.’ The moment when it all sunk in and you realized I wasn’t joking about the coming persecution of Christian patriots in America. And now the stage is set and ‘it’ is at the threshold.

I’ve received several emails and want to offer you some encouragement, which also ties in with the series I’m doing, titled ‘The Coming Underground.’ So, some action steps are in order. WHAT TO DO!

1a. PRAY. Stop! This isn’t a half-hearted, driving down the road to work or whistling while your doing laundry, thinking about God, kind of prayer. Lock yourself away, with no distractions, for an hour. Make a list so you know what to pray ABOUT.
A. Wisdom and Discernment and pray for a HUNGER for His word for
– You and your spouse and your children
– For your friends and family who are likeminded who you will all be leaning on in the future for encouragement and counsel
– For patriot leaders (Legislators, Clergy, Community Leaders, Patriot Leaders, Sheriff, other Officials, your Bible Study leader and group)
B. For courage to stand for truth no matter the cost, and to know how to tell the difference as deception rules the days ahead
C. For your church. For THE church, as items A & B above apply to them, especially for the Godly men, the pastors, and other decision makers.
D. Pray that He will strengthen your faith in Him. To give you the wisdom to prepare, and that He provide for your needs in those areas you are not able to physically prepare.

1b. Put on the full armor of God

2. PREPARE – Do not be a refugee.
A. Be self reliant and stock up enough food for at least one year. Have the ability to produce/capture/filter water. Have medicines and medical supplies.
B. Communications. Be able to at least receive communications locally (scanner) and long range (Shortwave radio with SSB). Then be able to communicate with everyone in your group (handheld or mobile/vehicle radios). Then invest in at least one person, preferably two, who will get their ham licenses in the next 6 weeks. AT LEAST one of them should quickly get his General class license and the group invest in getting at least one HF Radio and all the digital communications software for digital modes. And practice! Go to for more info.

3. SAFE HOUSES – The decision of where and when to conduct underground church meetings can be done later, and will change often. So don’t worry about that part right now.

Develop your home into a safe house where you could host someone who needs a place to go, such as someone in your church, your pastor, or some other leader who may be wanted for who-knows-what ‘crimes.’ Next, develop a secondary safe house that has no connection to you, such as the old man who was your Boy Scout leader when you were a child, or someone else you can trust and confide in. There are plenty of elderly people who think they don’t have a role to play in the underground because they’re “no spring chicken anymore.” Nonsense! Nothing could be farther from the truth. If they have their head and their heart in the right place, there’s a place for everyone. Give them a role.

Don’t tell ANYONE that you have developed a safehouse, and don’t tell anyone except your closest inner circle (the two guys who would take a bullet for you) about your preps. Don’t tell your children! They can be easily exploited and manipulated.
– Develop a safehouse for your immediate family. This is a place where they can be safely hidden for months or years if necessary. This SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT be a place with direct ties to you, such as yours or your spouse’s parents, your brother, your pastor, your vacation cabin, etc. Store everything they will need there for a year without having to leave.

4. NETWORK NOW – There are not special agents infiltrating home groups and home churches and Bible studies at this time. Begin discussing the potential future now while you can still trust people. Carefully vet those who you discuss this with (only like-minded people), and take your time broaching the topic. It won’t take long at all for you to realize who is ‘there’ mentally. Do NOT push the issue with those who need ‘convincing’.

Tell those who are of the proper mindset to begin items 1 – 3 above. Do not share each others’ secondary safehouse locations. All you need to know is how to link up with each other in the event it becomes necessary. Example: Develop dead drop locations where you can leave notes for each other with visual indicators to let the other parties know:
A. I have left a message for you
B. *Duress: I have been compromised, do not retrieve message, keep moving
*These can never be written down, but rather committed to memory. Quiz each other from time to time.

Or, Have a plan to be at milemarker xx on Hwy xxx on frequency at xxxxhrs until you link up, should you become separated and need to link up.

5. Be prepared to defend yourself and others. If you do not already have one, acquire a combat rifle and a handgun, thirteen 30-rd magazines for the rifle, three magazines for your pistol, and a harness or vest for carrying all of them. Become proficient with your rifle.

6. Get in shape NOW. Stop stuffing your face, and start walking. Stop reading this and go do ten pushups and 20 situps, then come back and continue. Do that every hour you’re awake (Okay, so I’m not a hypocrite, I just went and did it. You can too!)

7. Protect your wealth. Get your cash out of the bank and transfer it into liquidable, tangible assets (leave your next mortgage payment and car payment in there, and anything else you need for monthly expenses which come directly out of your bank account). You shouldn’t have more-than-necessary cash just sitting in your account. Convert it to cash, guns, silver, gold, food, garden seeds and ‘lead’ (copper jacketed type) that you can use or trade or barter with.

8. Read the following books, besides the Bible:
– Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand
– When the Almond Tree Blossoms by David Aikman
– Resilient Nations by Robert F. Dees (retired Army Major General)
– The 5000 Year Leap by Cleon Skousen
– Knighthood of Christian Warriors by Dr. Donald Bell (retired Marine Major)
– Patriots: A Novel of the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles

9. Come out of your hole! You’re no good to anyone by hiding somewhere to save your own skin and never getting involved, waiting for SOMEBODY to do SOMETHING so you can crawl out to a new safe world that someone else fought for. It’s not going to happen if you don’t get involved and start making connections now. Join your local county assembly or committee of correspondence, your local Tea Party, or conservative action group. Attend preparedness and patriot events and start meeting likeminded people like yourself. Begin carefully vetting and making new relationships and building networks of others you can trust and count on when the world maxes out the insane meter. These people (and you) will be needed in making it through, fighting through, and restoring and rebuilding after the collapse of our culture. And it WILL have to be fought for. Nothing of lasting value will come for free or without a fight.

10. Identify and serve. Identify proven leaders in your community and choose who you will support, protect, and join. Many self-proclaimed leaders will surface in a time of crisis. They will claim that they have the solutions and demand that everyone follow them. There are patriots and there are loyalists and at times it will be hard to tell the difference. How will you discern? You judge by their track record. Does this legislator or county commissioner have a proven track record of fighting for liberty and traditional American ideals, or does he/she have a reputation of compromising and appeasing the powers that be? You need to know who they are as early on as possible. NOW would be a good time to start. Build relationships with them and support them now.

How do you build a relationship with a proven patriot leader now? You serve! How do you become ‘friends’ with a high profile leader in the patriot community? You volunteer to help that pastor and tell him you have skills and would like to contribute to the ministry. You volunteer to help on that legislator’s or commissioner’s reelection campaign. You help that community leader who is a mover and shaker and is connected with all the ‘who’s who’ in your community, and you volunteer to help make signs, set up sound equipment at the next rally, lick envelopes. YOU SPEND TIME AROUND THEM! Buy them a cup of coffee and share your heart, but don’t chew their ear off ‘philosophizing’ to them. They have a bazillion other people all vying for ‘just five minutes’ of their time who want to philosophize and give them some profound, soul-stirring insight to their ‘wisdom.’ But more than anything, just BE THERE, and you will get five minutes with them, and more. That’s your calling and mission. Stick to it and don’t get distracted. THEN you will have some influence — The ‘king’s ear’, if you please.

In a crisis situation, he will be looking for, and needing, a support network. He may need a safe place to go into hiding. What you never told him is that there are four people you could send an encrypted text to RIGHT NOW who could get him or her into a safe house network. Or put him in touch with other leadership your group has been developing. Or a network of medical personnel who have been quietly developing an underground hospital at three potential locations.

Those leaders may be advocating for the patriots in the public arena. One of the best ways for you to advocate for your group, church, family, militia, or community is to have a previously-established relationship with him. He will be needed in the political arm of a movement to secure liberty, and you will be needed by him for support and security.

Now, you have a mission, and we’re on borrowed time. So GO!



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