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PUBLIC LANDS – KEEP OUT! by Representative Scott

Expect more rules, fees, restrictions, mismanagement and ultimately, a fence around your public lands.




Representative Heather Scott – District 1 – North Idaho

There is an obvious trend building even emotional liberals can’t deny. The western way of life is under full assault from our federal government and its multitude of federal agencies and policy pushers. Well known western ranchers like the Hammonds, Bundys, Hages and Joe Robertson, along thousands of unnamed ranching family members, are being forced to abandon this important American way of life. Why?? Federal bullies and their regulation quagmires.

PUBLIC LANDSMy question is, what is driving this trend and why?

After reading last week’s Redoubt News article about the U.S. Forest Service’s attempt to restrict a local gold club’s access to a mining claim, I decided to dig a little deeper into this growing problem. It didn’t take long to find three very disturbing documents that shed some light on the issue. These include:

  1. EJ 2020-Action Agenda-Environmental Justice Strategic Plan (2016-2020)” EPA
  2. Sustainable Development and its influence on Mining Operations on Federal Lands-A Conversation in Plain Language” from the BLM and the US Forest Service
  3. Sustainable Development-Minerals Applications” from the BLM and the US Forest Service.

A review of these three documents provides clear confirmation of planned cooperation by US federal agencies with the United Nations in an implement many Agenda 21 proposals. One of the three reports ends by stating “we heartily endorse the Plan of Implementation signed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development”!

screen shot

Globalist and socialists have perfected the art of word twisting. This is an attempt to change the public’s perception on many national and world issues. Understanding their “meaning” of words often provides the first red flags for liberty loving Americans. The term “Sustainable Development” has morphed into a whole litany of confusing meanings and agendas. The definition of the word “sustainable” to an American patriot can be far different than the meaning to a UN global environmentalist.

Colin Powell

The root of the issue goes back to the United States’ participation in the “World Summit on Sustainable Development” in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2002. At the Summit’s closing ceremonies, then US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, adopted the “Plan of Implementation”. This plan addressed activities relating to mining, minerals, metals and resources and how they would be managed.

Since then, those “sustainability principles” have been trickling into federal rules, regulations, fees and policies. These policies are then pushed onto the states by agencies like the EPA, BLM and USDA. I believe it is no coincidence that the public and private western lands we are seeing ranchers being bullied off of, being “acquired”, or being highly regulated with fees and restrictions, are same ones where important mineral or water resources occur.

Our federal bureaucrats continue to fall in lock step with the UN global thinking. Their brochures are now boldly proclaiming they will “support efforts to address the environmental, economic, health and social impacts using partnerships at international levels among interested governments, intergovernmental organizations”. This continues to promote their “idea” sustainability. They have obviously forgotten they work for the American people-not the United Nations and its global members.

Redefining and promoting social engineering ideas like sustainability is not an enumerated power of the federal government! We need to say enough is enough. I believe until we start standing up as a sovereign state and making our own decisions, we will continue to be locked out of our public lands, forest fires will continue to burn billions of dollars in homes and renewable timber resources, and the American ranching way of life will further falter under withering federal pressures.

unusaRemember: We get the government we allow!

If this makes your blood pressure soar, then please join me in this battle to save our western way of life and gain state ownership of our federal lands. Otherwise expect more rules, fees, restrictions, mismanagement and ultimately, a fence around your public lands.

I am in the fight for the long haul. Please join me and help me be a strong focused voice for North Idaho’s western values and for liberty loving citizens across the state.

Rep Heather Scott District 1

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