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Join us in The American Redoubt!

We are God-loving Christian Patriots bringing the Truth to the American Redoubt.

american redoubt

Join us in The American Redoubt!

The American Redoubt has been described as a ‘movement’, however, that is rather simplistic. The Redoubt is a Region, but it is also a state of mind. The American Redoubt is a stronghold. It is where you fortify your family. It is your Citadel, your Tower of Strength.

Redoubt News is an online, Conservative News site for freedom-loving patriots. We are bringing the news to the American Redoubt. Powered by citizen journalism, we are countering the censored, left-leaning, mainstream media, and bringing truth to Patriots everywhere.

Redoubt News is expanding. Patriots from all over have jumped onboard with our Conservative vision and, as such, we have outgrown the original mission. Pockets of Redoubters are popping up all over the globe. This vision has taken on a life of it’s own.

We are broadening our reach to specific areas, and need patriots, like you, to join us. It is a team effort. Would you like to join our team? Are you a citizen journalist? Do you want to be a part of bringing the truth to the people of this country?

Some of our vision includes testimonials. How did you come to the Redoubt? What did you leave behind? How has it changed your life?

We would like to highlight different communities within the Redoubt. What is special about this town/area? What kind of job opportunities are available? How about the schools?

We plan to break down the sites into sections that cover each state. For this we would need a state coordinator. But, even more, we need contributors!

  • If you like to write, contact us.
  • If you attend meetings in your community, city council, school board, county commissioner meetings, you can let everyone know what is happening.
  • Are there events that you want to promote? We can help!
  • Why is your part of the Redoubt important and special?

Our vision also includes a section for the “Family Redoubt”. Homesteading and providing for your family are a big part of the lifestyle in all parts of the American Redoubt. What does it mean to you?

Additionally, we are looking for sponsors. No one gets paid, currently. We all contribute freely for our passion in regaining our country, upholding the US Constitution, and maintaining the Redoubt life. However, there are costs involved with this lofty mission. Please consider a sponsorship to Redoubt News.

Join with like-minded Patriots and discuss the things that are important to you and your neighbors. We are God-loving Christian Patriots that desire nothing more than sharing the wonderful country where we grew up. Wherever you are, there is a place for you here.

Join us in The American Redoubt!

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